LIVE view of Jerusalem Temple area


Want to see what is happening right now at the site of the Temple area where Jesus himself walked and talked?

Below is a link to 3 live streaming webcams (with audio) of the Temple mount's western wall (Kotel) in Jerusalem where the modern Orthodox Jews pray and have religious ceremonies. They pray here because they are not allowed on the Temple area above as it is controlled by the Muslims who built the Dome of the Rock (gold dome upper left) and Al-Aqsa mosque (gray dome upper right) on it.

The large square stones at the bottom of the wall are the original stones laid by King Herod at the beginning of the first century. He constructed this architectural marvel to expand the Temple area above, allowing more Jews to worship during busy holy days. As Jesus walked to the Temple, he would have seen these exact stones.

The gold Dome of the Rock now covers Mt. Moriah where Abraham almost sacrificed Isaac and where the Holy of Holies was located when the Temple stood there in Jesus' day.

Click on the picture below. Depending on your connection it may take a few moments for the video to load.