FYI @ Jesus





Jesus is the most interesting man who ever lived.

He is also the most misunderstood man who ever lived.

Multiple billions of people all over the world claim to follow his teachings. More books have been written about him and love songs sung to him than any other person in the history of the world. The Bible, which was the first book ever printed on the printing press, as well as the biggest selling book of all time and perennial best seller, focuses on his life.

His influence is unprecedented. Many people, from some of the greatest leaders the earth has ever seen to the homeless living under a bridge, declare their devotion to him. His life is so monumental that the majority of the nations around the world mark the years with reference to his birth. The time designations of B.C. (Before Christ) and A.D. (Latin, Anno Domini meaning 'year of our Lord'), relate to the coming of Jesus into the world. Multitudes profess to be his followers. But how much do you really know about him?

Consider this—he didn’t own a house, wasn’t a king or ruler with land and subjects, had no army, wrote no books of his own, never traveled more than 320 miles from his birthplace, chose disciples that were either formally uneducated or social outcasts, ministered during a time when his homeland was conquered by a foreign power, lived in lower middle-class conditions for most of his life, only spoke publicly for three years, and was executed in his early thirties like a criminal.

No one should remember Jesus. No one should care about a Jewish peasant teacher from thousands of years ago. Would you expect this person to even be remembered in his own lifetime? Probably not. However, he is not just recalled from the pages of history like George Washington or Napoleon or King Tut or Tupac Shakur. He is adored. He is cherished. He is worshipped.

Does Jesus deserve such veneration from one person much less billions of people? Is this just more misplaced attention from desperate people looking for something or someone to hope in? Let’s see. Take a journey with Jesus in Days With Jesus as we see him through the eyes of his best friend, John.