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Photo: Scott Robert


The dictionary defines redemption as, 'to set free; rescue' and that is what Jim Jackson believes God has done for him. Jim began his physical life in North Dakota and his spiritual life in northern Minnesota, growing up next to the Chippewa Indian Reservation. During his early teen years, he was intensely interested in spiritual things and set out on a spiritual journey to find out the truth about religion (if there was any) or the strength of any specific belief system. After wading through everything from atheism and eastern mysticism to Christianity and Mormonism, he believed that if there was a God, he/she/it would make him/her/itself known.

Then at a Christian camp during high school, the speaker challenged him about his life and what God thought of it out of the Bible. Although Jim had respect for the Bible he never considered it totally authoritative. One night, the speaker talked about God's love and His desire to be reconciled to people and redeem them through the forgiveness of their sins by Jesus' death on the cross. Jim realized his prideful desire to live apart from God's way. It was then he confessed his sin and asked Jesus to forgive him and change his life.

Afterward, he sensed that he was at peace with God, his sins were forgiven, and felt the power of God upon him. After his conversion/redemption experience, Jim made a life altering promise--since Jesus was God and the real Truth, he would devote his life to knowing God's word and telling others about Him. After all, he reasoned, if Jesus is Truth, He is worth living and dying for. And if the Bible is God's word, it should be taught as such.

After high school he moved to San Luis Obispo, California, where he started playing in beach and indoor volleyball tournaments as well as surfing as much as possible. Upon getting married, he entered the Police Academy and graduated 5th in his class with a degree in Criminal Justice. Sensing God leading him in the direction of ministry, he abandoned his career to be a police officer and attended The Master's College where he graduated with Honors earning a degree in Theology. Throughout the 1990's he toured with the band Godbox in which he was the singer/songwriter. He has written over 350 songs for multiple bands and was a pioneer of the worship rave movement featured in the LA Times.

Jim has authored numerous publications, including the book Days With Jesus, and has spoken all across the United States and internationally, being one of three speakers chosen for the World Young Adult Conference in Hong Kong to address apologetics in a postmodern world. He has been the keynote speaker for Athletes in Action, Campus Crusade for Christ, Fellowship of Christian Athletes as well as numerous churches, colleges, camps and retreats. He was the featured speaker for the Tooth and Nail Festival in Seattle featured on the Fox Network, which was seen by millions of people worldwide.

Jim has been in pastoral ministry for nearly 20 years, planted multiple churches and is currently the Lead Pastor for the Orchard Christian Fellowship. He finds his greatest joy in teaching God's word and training disciples. His passion is to see people fall in love with the Jesus of the Bible and allow Him to turn their lives into a story of redemption! Jim lives with his family and two ridiculous dogs in southern California. 


Jim has a limited amount of opportunities during the year to do outside speaking but would love to discuss how we might be able to partner together for your event or church pulpit-fill.

Jim's giftings include:

  • Expositional teaching/preaching on the life of Jesus
  • Evangelism and outreach
  • Apologetics training

If you would like to inquire about his availability please fill out the form on our Contact Us page, or email us at with your event name, number of people expected and budget, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.